Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Next Doctor

Well, dear blog reader, this blogger really rather enjoyed that.

I think the line that summed up the whole thing best was spoken by David Morrissey's character near to the end when Tennant went up in the 'hot-air TARDIS': "Complete and utter, wonderful nonsense!" Yeah, exactly. Just like good Doctor Who episodes always should be. Nice one, Rusty, you've made a thoroughly uninteresting Christmas Day marginally more bearable.
The best bits:-
- That really lovely underplayed comedy moment with the fob-watch.
- The stunt in the warehouse and the two Doctor's laughing and hugging.
- The Doctor's encouragement of Victorian childhood obesity ("there's a hot pie for everyone if you keep running").
- Dear Mad-As-Toast Dervla going so far over the top she was down the other side!
- The "past-Doctors" flashback (wholly unexpected but very welcome if only because there'll now be load of eight year olds tonight asking their parents "who were all of those old guys before Christopher Eccleston?!")
- "DE-LETE!"
- I thought yer actual Mister Morrissey was outstanding, too. Very nicely judged performance, that.
- And the really sweet ending and the decision, just for once, to hang around for a while and accept the plaudits.
Tremendous, I'll have some of that. A few really ugly child actors notwithstanding. Now, is it nearly Easter yet?