Monday, December 29, 2008

Apocalypse ... When We Get There

This blogger writes, dear From The North reader, in total praise of the Top Gear Viet 'Nam Special (BBC2, 8:00 last night). Listen, it's really very simple. When I grow up, I want to be Jeremy Clarkson. You get to tear-ass around 'Nam on a Vespa to a soundtrack of The Who, The Stones and The Beach Boys. Exactly like the US Fifth Infantry in 1969. Only, using marginally less drugs. Allegedly.
I salute you, boys (particularly for the bit where James fell in the sea, that was just comedy genius). Apparently they've had their budget cut for next year ('like most people at the BBC we haven't got a pot-to-piss-in' was Andy Wilman's somewhat less-than-thrilled comment on their blog recently). So, their plan is to do thirteen episodes at their usual cost and one really cheap one. And, you know what, just watch I'll bet that one'll be the best of the lot.

Meanwhile, check out this ludicrous malarkey. God save us all from fat American armchair lawyers!

This is Francis Ford Topping, down in the bunker hollering 'CHARLIE'S OUT ON THE WIRE!'