Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Bridle Path Of My Life Is Littered With Cow-Pats From The Devil's Own Herd.

Some readers may have noticed a few problems that have seemingly developed with the main page of this blog over the last couple of days. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, me being - as you know - about as technically-minded as the average mollusc (although it is just possible that posting my massive British Telefantasy article in its entirety went and broke the Interweb's brain ... or something). But, anyway, the upshot of this appears to be that some of the articles or features on the main page (and not just recent ones either) appear to cut off before the end. You can spot if this has happened when you get to the end of the text and there isn't a "Posted by Keith Topping at x:xx PM x comments line in friendly red letters thereafter. That, essentially, means I haven't finished taking and there's more to come so sit down and don't go anywhere just yet. It's rather annoying as all of the text has been saved, it's just not all being shown. There are - thankfully - two ways around this, however. If you click on either the individual red title bar of each blog entry or on entries title on the "blog archive" link at the side you'll be able to access the full thing.

Actually it's been that sort of couple of days, to be honest. The DVD Recorder chose Sunday night during Top Gear to suddenly develop a - seemingly terminal - case of technological dementia. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly when it, along with the entire Interweb, gets HIT WITH A HAMMER for making my life more complicated than it should be.

In other news, I'll be recording the Christmas and New Year week's Top Telly Tips segments at the Beeb tomorrow so expect those previews to appear - in extended form, of course - on here sometime towards the weekend.