Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bet This One Doesn't Get The Attention The Last One Got!

'I'm a tiger when my dander's up - The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, episode five.

Saluté to everyone who took the trouble to comment on The Fan's Phrasebook. As noted in the previous 'Comment' section, this blogger genuinely didn't expect that (though I was, kind of, hoping for a few death threats).

Current listening:
Strawberry Switchblade (this blogger was so happy to have finally tracked down a copy of the single version of 'Tress & Flowers' on MP3 he could, literally, spew).
Zebda & Asian Dub Foundation's amazing, energetic cover of 'Police On My Back'.
Kylie ('Na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na' ... will somebody please stop the chanting in my mind).
Goldfrapp (ditto!)
Rogue Traders (RTD has a Hell of lot to answer for, frankly).
PJ Harvey
Orange Juice
Third World
The KLF (Chill Out - mmmm ... ambient-y!)
Underworld (dug out Beaucoup Fish for the first time in ... well, a long time. Fantastic stuff, particularly 'King Of Snake' and 'Bruce Lee').
james (Keith telly Topping is playing the bloody arse out of One Man Clapping at the moment having finally been able to put his vinyl copy to bed for the last time).
The Edgar Broughton Band (particularly 'Out Demons Out' and the awesome 'There's No Vibrations, But Wait...' which sounds like it was recorded by some black dudes in New York last week rather than as 'track four on a prog-rock album recorded in Warwickshire by long haired white men in 1971'
Keef Hartley Band  - check out 'The Dansette Kid' especially.
Gentle Giant's 'Alucard'. (Once described by someone writing in Uncut as "Theme to The Sweeney hijacked by Satan!")

Anyway, hopefully the rain has stopped wherever you are and the sun's back out. It is here so I'm going out to enjoy it. Who knows, this year summer might be, as it always used to be, 'four nice days in July.'