Saturday, March 18, 2006

'We've Come To Speak Politics To You Today ...'

Keith Telly Topping does not want to use the pages of this blog to voice too many political comments (either party political or national politics for that matter) for several different reasons. There are far better places than here for such discussions, for a kick-off. Also, politics are an intensely personal thing and treading on someone's political toes usually ends up in a fight.
This blogger, especially, want to avoid taking any cheap-shots at American politics - and the current President in particular. Again, there's an element of 'easy target' there which even the world's worst alternative comedian should avoid like the plague (but, wanting cheap laughs, most don't).

There's also the complexities of many of the issues involved but, mainly, Keith Telly Topping just doesn't want to go there because he remembers how annoyed he used to get when some well-meaning but clueless American would end a sentence that began with 'say, you're British, do you know Mrs Smith in Blackpool' with 'and, I must just say, I LOVE your Mrs Thatcher. And the Queen.'

However, this blogger would like to draw all of your attention to the posters and T-shirts produced by the violently anti-Bush website which is, quite simply, one of the best places for political satire on the planet. They're not subtle, admittedly, but they ARE wee-in-your-pants funny.

Among my particular favourites is this one.


Steph L said...

All I can say is "pray to the deity of your choice that the scrofulous weasel currently running/ruining our beautiful country doesn't decide to extend the 2 term limit".

Then join me in hunkering down to wait for the next election.

Anna B. said...

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that simply said, "Is it 2008 yet?" If only...King George really has to go.

Can we take Jeb Bartlett or Matt Santos out of the fictional realm so I could vote for one of them? Please?