Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Favourite Words

Yer actual Keith Telly Topping is not sure just exactly why he hase chosen to include Paul and Paul's beautiful fizzogs to illustrate this particular bloggerisationisms posting (Smokey Robinson, Bob Dylan or Elvis Costello might've been more appropriate) although it is, undeniably, a very cool picture. It was, I believe, taken sometime during the winter of 1981-82 whilst The Jam and Macca were both in AIR Studios in Oxford Street recording The Gift and Tug of War, respectively. It was first published on the back cover of Smash Hits magazine circa February 1982.

Anyway... What this is, dear blog reader, is a list of this blogger's favourite words - in no particular order. If you spot any that are missing which you think should be featured, let Keith Telly Topping know and he will try to include them in whatever he's working on next:
  • namby-pamby

  • moist

  • hollow

  • quincunx

  • goitre

  • abeyance

  • thong

  • lugubrious

  • faux-naïf

  • risible

  • irksome

  • demisemiquaver

  • jiggery-pokery

  • oblong

  • yacht

  • rhombus

  • onomatopaeia

  • kitchen-knave

  • zeitgeist

  • crass

  • pretentiousness

  • blithering

  • parallelogram

  • snot

  • cromulent

  • plodding

  • lob

  • stymied

  • colloquialism

  • voluminous


Steph L said...

How about some of my favorites?


Deb W said...

where is " grommet"

and " gusset"

and Calphygian?

Keith Topping said...

Lob is another one I quite like.

dougggie said...

my current favourite is "Spindly", arose from trying to describe Niall Quinn...in a roundabout way.