Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Mod's Odyssey

Keith Telly Topping his very self believes that he would have been about eighteen years old when this very photograph was taken in the back garden of his parents gaff in Wigmore Avenue. So that would mean it was around about 1981. This, therefore, is a very old photo of your actual bloggerist (is that a proper word? if not, it really should be don't you think?). Keith Telly Topping likes to imagine that the vaguely tuned-in - albeit, slightly camp-looking (note the eyeliner!) - young rock 'n' roll scooter-kiddie staring into the camera here would, hopefully, have approved of his image being used, twenty-five years later, as a reminder to his cynical old future-self of his impressionable and wholly adrenaline-and-amphetamine-fuelled Modernist past.

When this photo was taken Keith Telly Topping would still have been at school - in the Sixth Form, actually. Nineteen years in the Civil Service (yes, you do get less than that for murder) and a self-employed writing career which has seen him author or co-author over forty books (including a number of overseas editions), writing articles and reviews for numerous magazines and periodicals and, relatively recently, getting into local radio broadcasting was all way in the future when he slipped on his parka for the camera.

But this blogger does like the photo's presence here at the start of From The North. He finds it somewhat comforting. He was a good kid was young Keith Telly Topping. A bit naïve, maybe - but his heart was usually in the right place. Poor little sod, that was all knocked out of him when he got out into the Big Bad World.

So, anyway, dear blog reader this is my blog.

And you are very welcome to it.


Deb W said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Nice start!


dougggie said...

You've just listed every single band to chart since the early 60's haven't you?
Try out Livejournal next then, just to add to your blogging set :)

dougggie said...

would help if i put the comment under the correct section but I'm sure you can work out which one I'm on about!

Ian Abrahams said...

So you follow me onto blogging and within 24 hours have double the number of posts, twice the number of profile viewing and three times the number of comments (if Zero x 3 = 3!). Typical.


Keith Topping said...

Is it MY fault I'm so ace?


Jim Swallow said...

Welcome to the blogsphere, matey. Mind your step.

Steph L said...

Hi Keith!

Lovely to see your shining face again...if only in a 20 year old photo.

Anna was kind enough to share the URL of your new blog...perhaps I'll do better at staying in touch via this medium than I did via email (not hard since I'm utter crap at staying in touch via email).

We miss you in chilly Minnesota!


Keith Topping said...

Steph, sweetheart! Long-time no hear ... Drop me an email when you get the chance, it'd be great to catch up (and, if you wanna prod Anna into sending me one too!!!)


Anonymous said...

I just sent this letter to Telos (no harm done I suppose) but thought I'd post it here:

Hello Keith,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Vault of Horror. I bought it as a reference book to add to my collection and use as such. However after reading your enthusiastic introduction I decided to read the whole thing cover-to-cover like a novel. Glad I did! I found it entertaining and informative. I appreciated your criteria and the way you organised and presented the information. I am now planning to track down some of the films that I’m not familiar with and give them a spin.

Cheers, Cary

PS: Purely by coincidence I am a huge Buffy and Doctor Who fan.

Jurgen said...

Hi, just wanted to say Triquetra is a great read (So is this blog, by the way). I'm watching the 6th season of Charmed again and after each episode I read what you have written about it. A shame you didn't get to discuss the final season. It’d be fantastic if you could release a new edition of Triquetra including that season. Keep up the good work and good luck! Jurgen