Wednesday, March 15, 2006

'Seen It In Yer Eyes, Read It In Books ...'

Today's bloggerisationisms-random-cover-generator produces the following.
Good book, that. Local author, apparently...

Anyway, it occurs to Keith Telly Topping that some people may have stumbled across this blog having heard the blogger on The Book Club on BBC Radio Newcastle (18:30 GMT, first Monday in each month - be there or ... be somewhere else).

If so, hello there, how y'doin'? Hope you're enjoying the show and, if so, please leave a comment.

For those who haven't heard it, basically, each month Keith Telly Topping reviews a bunch of recently released books along with regular features like a competition and guest interviews. It's pretty light and fluffy - we cover a bit of everything; books with local interest, pop culture subjects, biographies and autobiographies, some fiction, sporting books ... something for everyone, in fact.
So far, Keith Telly Topping has covered the following:

Show One: December
John Peel - Margraves of the Marshes, Bantam Press.
More Magpie Memories - Malcolm Holt, Breedon Books.
Shirt of Legends - Paul Joannou, Mainstream Books.
Elvis Untold Gold - Ace Collins, Souvenir Books.
Valley of Lights - Steve Gallagher, Telos Publishing.
Really Daft Ideas - DI Saster, Summersdale Books.
The Pedant's Revolt - Andrea Barham, Michael O'Mara Books.
I Hate Christmas - Daniel Blythe, Allison & Busby Books.
TV Classics: Our Friends in the North - Michael Eaton, BFI Books.
Serenity: The Visual Companion - Joss Whedon, Titan Publishing.
The Sky Sports Football Yearbook, Headline Books.
Does Anything Eat Wasps? And 101 Other Questions, Profile Books.
Show Two: January
Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman, Review Books.
The Mercy Seat - Martyn Waites, Pocket Books.
Northstars - Chris Phillps, Sid Smith and John Tobler, Zymurgy Books.
Soapy Business - John Solomon, Zymurgy Books.
The Little Book of Tyneside, Zymurgy Books.
The Fashion of Football - Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter, Mainstream Books.
My Father & Other Working Class Football Heroes - Gary Imlach, Yellow Jersey Press.
Show Three: February
Spectre, Stephen Laws, Telos Publishing.
If I Don't Write It Nobody Else Will, Eric Sykes, Fourth Estate Books.
McCartney, Christopher Sanford, Century Books.
The Modfather, David Lines, William Heinemann Publishing.
The Brothers, Ian Lennox, Gordon Liberty Publishing.
Show Four: March
Balderdash & Piffle - Alex Grimes, BBC Books.
Fanboys & Overdogs: The Language Report - Susie Dent, Oxford University Press.
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova, Time Warner Books.
Old Wives Tales: Lipstick, Powder & Paint - Carol Cooke, Business Education Publishers.
Never Have Your Dog Stuffed - Alan Alda, Hutchinson Books.
Alan Shearer: Captain Fantastic - Euan Reedie, John Blake Publishing.
The RaW Quick Reads
Other recent books received include:
Shaun Lyon, Doctor Who: Back to the Vortex, Telos Publishing.
Jim Sangster & Paul Condon, TV Heaven, Harper/Collins Publishing.
Guy de la Bedoyere, Hadrian's Wall, Tempus Books.
Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Simon & Shuster Books.
James Lovelock - The Revenge of Gaia, Penguin.
Dave Gibbons - The Originals, Titan Publishing.
Alistair Moffat & George Ross, Tyenside: A History of Newcastle and Gateshead, Mainstream Publishing.
Ian Mortimer, The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Jonathan Cape.
Robert Crais, The Two Minute Rule, Orion Books.
Ashes Victory: The official story of the greatest ever Test Series in the team's own words, Orion Books.
Neil Doyle, Terror Base UK, Mainstream Publishing.
Kathryn Sullivan, Talking to Trees, Amber Quill Press.
Bernard Cornwell, The Pale Horseman, Harper/Collins Publishing.

All of the above, incidentally, are highly recommended.

Each month Keith Telly Topping will be putting up a list of both books that he has covered on the show and an 'also received' list as he usually get too many review books each month to include twenty five minutes of radio time. In the next show, amongst others, Keith Telly Topping be looking at Raymond Khoury's new novel (The Last Templar) and both laughing and swearing at everyone who has never read The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, The Buddha Of Suburbia and Revolution In The Head.

No, actually, he won't be doing the latter - although he probably should.

If you're looking for a decent bit of rock journalism and you've never read either the late Ian MacDonald's Revolution In The Head, or Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff, or Charles Shaar Murray's Shots From The Hip then, frankly, you've never lived.
I think, though, if push came to shove, Keith Telly Topping's desert island book would still be either The Woman Who Slept With Demons by Eric Ericson (New English Library, 1980) which Keith Telly Topping bought in Soho for twenty pence or Testkill by Clifford Makins and Ted Dexter (Penguin, 1977) which he bought in Scarborough for ten pence, both of which got him through some pretty horrid family holidays with his sanity just about in tact.
Either that, or Doctor Who & The Day Of The Daleks by the great Terrance Dicks (Target Books, 1974), purchased (for about five pee) in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and which helped him overcome not only an 'orrible family holiday but, also, bronchitis during an 'orrible family holiday. So, double plus points there for Uncle Terrance.


Gill said...

Um.....I haven't read Revolution in the head. I haven't even read Broken Music, so you can see how often I read books by/about popular beat combos. Please don't swear at me! :)

Keith Topping said...

******* ****, girl, that's bleedin' ****.


LJC said...

yays! its you!

LJC said...

it's, even.