Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Halloween Apocalypse: "Exit, Pursued By A Bear"

'What is it you're saving them from?' 'You don't know?' 'I've been busy.' 'The Flux.' 'What's The Flux?' 'A hurricane ripping through the structure of this universe disrupting every particle, the falling of the structure of the universe. A cataclysm of unknown proportions or patterns. We don't know for sure.' 'And when is this Flux supposed to happen?' 'It's already begun.'
'What was it he said? "The final few hours of planet Earth?" He doesn't get rid of us that easily!'
'Renewed at last.' 'What have you done?' 'I waited ... Your time is done, as mine has begun once more.'
'What's the matter with me? I'm not the one breaking into people's houses dressed as a dog.'
'Look at your little brain trying to work it all out. Embarrassing.'
'A quick check on my mind, I had a little ... glitch earlier!'
'Nothing ever changes. But then, you know that.'
'I must admit, Yaz, I can't help feeling some of this is my fault!'
'Why is this thought in my mind?' 'What thought?' 'Thank you.'
'What's the matter with Sheffield?' 'It's too near Leeds!'
'Also, one other thing is bugging me, a tiny detail. Why does Dan have such a flashy computer?' 'Because, it's not his!'
'Don't be throwin' eggs at my 'ouse!' Well dear blog reader, what do you know? This blogger actually thought that was great. Which is, in fact, far more unusual than even long-term From The North dear blog readers may have thought. Primarily because, this blogger had avoided all pre-series publicity and trailers and, as a consequence, knew not what to expect from The Halloween Apocalypse. Apart from the presence of large-toothed wacky Scouse funster John Bishop, obviously - we've all known that was happening since New Year's Day. So, anyway - as The Clash once asked, what do we have for entertainment? We have - and the list is not all-encompassing - Weeping Angels, Sontarans, Dog-Faced shooty-type individuals, Green-Skinned (and, now, very dead) aliens, the Cloister Bell, a spooky house, an ancient (but, entirely unknown to The Doctor) enemy, something up with the TARDIS doors and a properly outrageous, 'get out of that one' cliffhanger ... What's not to love?
'The end of the universe. I always wondered what it would feel like!' Doctor Who, dear blog reader. It never ceased to amaze this blogger.