Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Rock Stars & Their Tasty Jamjars

Most of us, dear blog reader, probably quite fancy the idea of being a rock and/or roll star. Yer actual Keith Telly Topping certainly knows that he does. Compared to most jobs, the hours are good, the on-the-job perks are fantastic, you get to take loads of very hard drugs and the money's great. So great, in fact, that once you've had your first hit download single you can soon afford to buy yer very self some properly tasty motors. Take the following, for example.

1. George Harrison's Aston Martin DB5.
Let's face it, dear blog reader, you may think you're pretty cool. You might even be a bit cool. But you will never, not never, be as cool as yer actual George Harrison, in 1965, in Esher, posing in a black turtleneck in front of your new Aston Martin DB5. Just accept it, it's The Law. In 2011, the car was sold for a quite disgraceful amount of wonga. But, the chap that bought it - try as he might - still wasn't as cool as George Harrison.
2. Paul McCartney's Aston Martin DB5.
That was the thing about The Be-Atles (a popular beat combo of the 1960s, you might've heard of them). When one of them tried something, they all tried it. Getting married, growing moustaches, taking LSD ... you name it, one Be-Atle copy-catted another. Thus, here's Macca's Aston.
Or, if you prefer, in rather dodgy colour (it was 'sierra blue' but, looks green in this). And, the copy-catting even extended to the fact that this was, also, recently sold.
3. George Harrison's E-type Jag.
Let's face it, you may think you're pretty cool. You might even be a bit cool. But you will never, not never, be as cool as yer actual George Harrison, in July 1964, in London, posing on the bonnet of his new E-type Jag. Just accept it.
4. George Harrison's Porsche 928.
George was, of course, a noted petrolhead. Here he is in the 1970s with yet another of his tasty motors collection. One which has, again, recently been up for sale.
5. Ringo Starr's Ford Zephyr.
'He had a Ford Zephyr,' Paul McCartney said concerning his former bandmate in The Be-Atles Anthology. 'It was knock-off, probably. Fell off the back of a showroom!'
6. Ringo Starr's Facal Vega II.
A very nice French 6.7-litre grand tourer. Always did have considerable style, Our Ritchie.
7. Alcoholic Wife-Beating Scouse Junkie John Lennon's Rolls Royce.
Bloody show-off!
8. Keith Richards' Bentley Continental Flying Spur.
You might think you're pretty cool. You might even be a bit cool. But you will never, not never, be as cool as yer actual Keef Richards, in 1966, posing in front of his tasty blue Bentley Continental. This is The Eleventh Commandment.
Again, this one has been on the market of late. Here's a picture of it in all its colourful glory.
8. Mick Jagger's Mini Cooper.
In December 1970, during his infamous foul-mouthed and soul-bearing post-Be-Atles split interview with Jenn Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine, alcoholic wife-beating Scouse junkie John Lennon was asked for his views, if any, on The Be-Atles only major rival for the title of The Best Fucking Band In All The World, Like. 'Mick Jagger's a joke,' yer man Lennon scowled, with his customary acidity spiked by primal scream therapy and lots of heroin. 'I'd like to list what we did and what The Stones did two months later on every album.' And, so it was with cars. All The Be-Atles bought Mini Coppers in 1965 (including Lennon, who was the last of them to actually pass his driving test).
So, six months later guess what Mick The Jag was driving Marianne Faithfull around town to all the groovy nightclubs in? Co-incidence? I doubt it, dear blog reader!
9. Mick Jagger's Aston Martin DB6.
See what I mean!
10. Brian Jones's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.
It has to be said, though, The Stones also acquired some way-cool cars of their own. As, for example, the gorgeous Roller the late Brian Jones is modelling here.
11. Bill Wyman's MGB.
Like Bill himself, the MGB was modest and understated, but stylish, nippy about town and something that was really impressive to the ladies.
12. Mick Jagger's Morgan V8.
Okay, fair enough, none of The Be-Atles - to the best of our knowledge - ever had one of those.
13. Keith Moon's Ferrari Dino 246.
Wrecked, obviously (that goes without saying!) For petrolhead-spotters, the lilac Roller which, infamously, ended up in Moony's swimming pool (allegedly) is at the back of this photo.
And, here it is, going for a quick dip.
14. Roger Daltrey's Volvo P1800.
15. Pete Townshend's Mercedes 600 Grosser.
Pete about to, as it were, go mobile, clearly. Who needs a Magic Bus when you've got a Merc?
16. John Entwistle's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II.
Bought, by The Ox, in 1966 - reportedly with the royalties he got for writing 'Boris The Spider' and, again, recently in the news because it had gone under the hammer. John, of course, sadly died in 2002. I say sadly but, to be honest, dying in a five star hotel room in Las Vegas in bed with a couple of hookers, a nose full of Charlie and bottle of brandy is, all things considered, the only way to go.
17. Ray Davies's Bentley S2.
The only car you'd expect an English gentleman, dedicated follower of fashion and proper Muswell Hillbilly to drive. It was on the market in 2012 if you happened to have a spare thirty grand lying around the house.
18. Wor Geet Canny Eric Burdon's Ford Rachero.
He used to be an animal, but he's all right now driving this really tasty 1958 Rachero.
19. Eric Clapton's Ferrari SP-12.
This one-off custom reportedly cost Eric over four million quid. So, that's the entire royalties for his Cream back-catalogue well invested.
20. Ginger Baker's Jensen Interceptor Mark 2.
Which, seemingly, Ginge believed that he could park wherever he liked. Well, if you've ever seen Jay Bulger's astonished 2012 documentary Beware of Mister Baker, are you gonna be the jobsworth that tells Ginger 'Oi, you can't park there pal'? Thought not.
21. John Bonham's Jensen Interceptor JB12.
The Jensen was a really popular sports car among the rich and reckless in the late sixties and early seventies and, clearly, was very big in particular with drummers. Here's Bonzo washing his.
22. Robert Plant's Range Rover.
Big voice, big car.
23. The Clash's Cadillac.
Joe, Mick, Paul and Topper posing, in 1979, with their - one presumes, ahem, 'brand new' - Cadillac.
24. Paul Weller's Mini.
The Goddamn Modfather's Nordoff Robbins-designed one-off Mini Cooper from 2010. That's entertainment.
25. Blondie's Ford Thunderbird Landau.
If you happen to purchase one of these, however, please note that it does not come with the Debbie Harry and Clem Burke hood ornaments featured in this picture. Actual contents may differ (and, indeed, will).
26. David Bowie's Merc.
Give us a wave, Dave!
27. Marc Bolan's Rolls Royce.
Which, of course, he drove cos it was good for his voice. Please note, this list most definitely does not include Gloria Jones's Mini ... For obvious reasons.
28. Bob Dylan's Austin Princess.
Used on the 1966 British tour, featured heavily in Eat The Document and, according to legend, borrowed from The Rolling Stones.
29. Brian Wilson's Corvette Convertible.
Guess her daddy really did take the T-bird away so Bri had to buy something else.
30. Bruce Springsteen's Chevy Bel Air.
Once again, The Boss's old motor was on sale recently. This time on e-Bay.
30. Nick Mason's Ferrari 250 GTO.
Or, one or them anyway, for the Pink Floyd's drummer reportedly has several!
31. Syd Barret's Pontiac Parisienne.
For all those of you who thought that he only ever rode a bike.
32. Jimi Hendrix's Lotus Elan.
Quite how Jimi was able to squeeze Mitch and Noel in the back, as this photo suggests, is unknown. (One of them must've gone in the boot, one supposes?) But, they still managed to avoid the crosstown traffic. Oh, yes.
33. Janis Joplin's Porsche 356 Cabriolet.
34. Jeff Beck's Ford Deuce Coupe.
Jeff, of course, has long had a love of vintage Ford hot rods. This is 1932 model is from his Yardbirds' days.
35. Jim Morrison's Shelby GTO500.
Nicknamed 'The Blue Lady'. According to No One Here Gets Out Alive, Morrison's biography by Danny Sugarman and Jerry Hopkins, Jim eventually crashed the car on Sunset Boulevard, hitting a lamppost.
36. Elvis Presley's Cadillac Fleetwood.
We couldn't have this list without the car that started the whole 'rock and/or roll dream car', thing, Elvis's infamous 1955 Pink Cadillac.
37. Chuck Berry's Cadillac.
... or, indeed, an example of the man whose songs about driving along in ones automobile inspired a generation. Chuck owned many Caddys during his lifetime, and one - a 1973 Eldorado - is currently in the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.
38. Roger McGuinnn's Merc.
There's nothing like a bit of advertising, is there?
39. Rod Stewart's Ferrari Spider.
Though he's owned more than a few tasty motors in his time - including a number of Lambos - we at From The North reckon Rod The Mod's big red beast is the most desirable.
40. Elton John's Aston Martin Vantage.
Quality motor, Sir Elt!
41. Tom Jones's Rolls Royce Phantom VI.
You have to love the shocked expression on that old lady's face. 'Who's making all that racket? Oh, it's Jones The Voice, isn't it? There's lovely. Can I have your autograph?'
42. Iggy Pop's Rolls Royce Corniche.
Raw power!
43. Neil Young's Lincoln Continental LinkVolt.
Genuinely guaranteed rust-free.
44. Duane Eddy's Jaguar XKE.
Forty miles of bad road and I end up on the beach ...
45. Chrissie Hynde's Pontiac T37 LeMans.
She's the talk of the town in this. (Nice colour, too.)
46. Wor Geet Canny Brian Johnson's Alfra Romeo Periscopica.
Gan canny, Wor Geordie. If you drove this down Scotswood Road, they'd have the wheels off before you could brink.
47. The Small Faces' Bedford Van.
48. Morrissey's Fiat 500.
You could at least have taken a damp cloth over the bodywork before you got your photo taken, Mozza!
49. Johnny Marr's Mercedes 300SL.
Much better.
50. Noel Gallagher's Mark 2 Jaguar.
'Do not let my brother anywhere near this thing, all right?'
51. Peter Hook's Transit Van.
You can take the boy out of Manchester, but ...
52. Mike Nesmith's Mini Cooper S.
53. James Brown's Lincoln Continental Mark III.
Good God! Sexy as ...
54. Marvin Gaye's Roller.
55. Miles Davis's Lamborghini Muira.
The birth of cool!
56. Joan Jett's Jaguar XJS.
57. Johnny Cash's Cadillac.
Look at the size of that mother!
58. Carl Perkins' Cadillac.
59. Mister Bonio Out Of The U2 Group's Volkswagen.
It's very hard not to look like a total prick in a Beetle. And, to be fair to Mister Bonio, he's doesn't come even close to pulling it off.
And finally
60. Sting's Prius.