Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio: Heroes, Just For One Day

'Of course, you can't just roll up with a team of surgeons to The White House or The Kremlin because they've got big fences. Shouty people. Cross dogs!' 'They will come to us. And they will come running.' 'Oh, I very much doubt it.' 'Who are you?' 'There have been many attempts to conquer The Earth. I've lost count. Not one of them has succeeded, not a single one. They all lost. They burned and ran. That's who I am!'

'Why did they call him Spider-Man, didn't they like him?' 'He was bitten by a radioactive spider and guess what happened ...' 'Radiation poisoning I should think?' 'No, he got special powers.' 'What, vomiting, hair-loss and death?'
'Brains with minds of their own? No one will believe that. This is America.'
'You can't go around swallowing things, what age are you, thirty six?'
'Sorry about that, would you like me to call a glazier?!'
'It's okay, I'm an intruder too. I brought snacks.'
'I certainly hope this unpleasant experience hasn't put you off a career in journalism!'
'Grant, this is insane. Look, I'm me, The Doctor and even I think this is insane!'
'It just won't stop.' 'What?' 'The x-ray vision. I'm in Hell. Naked Hell!'
'It's fine if you want to keep your secrets, I intend to keep mine. But, don't lie to me.' 'Or what?' 'I hurt Mister Huffle!'
'She jealous.' 'I'm jealous.' 'You're jealous of you.' 'Technically she's jealous of her!'
'Are you declaring war on us?' 'I'm drawing a line and I'm suggesting you step back from it at awesome speed.'
'I'm just trying to save a planet.' 'Which is what you always do when the conversation turns serious!'
'You do fly around New York dressed in rubber with a big "G" in your chest.' 'Aren't we very slightly stereotyping here?'
'Her name was River Song. They were together for a while and they were very happy. And then, she died a long time ago, in a library.' 'Are you sure he's going to be all right?' 'He's The Doctor. He's very brave and he's very silly. And, I think, for a time, he's going to be very sad. But I promise, in the end, he'll be all right. I'll make sure of it.'
'You'll be fine. The ship will have blown up long before you'd be strangled to death!'
'Who are you thanking?' 'The universe. Somebody worse at this than me!' Well, dear blog reader, this blogger really doesn't want to shockingly shock anyone to the virry core nor nothing but he, actually, thought that was proper great. And very funny (and, really rather touching in places, too). Big surprise, huh? No, not really. Oh, and the trailer for the next series looked fantastic.
Remember, hurting Mister Huffle is for life, not just for Christmas. 'Life's not a comic book, right Doctor?' 'Possibly. I'm the wrong person to ask.'
And, finally for our Christmas Day Doctor Who malarkey, dear blog reader, there's clearly an old-school fandom-type-individual working for the W channel judging by their 'season THIRTY THREE' descriptor for Smith & Jones. Unless it's just a misprint and it should've been 'series three' instead. I could go either way on this one.
After a record-breaking series during which it won the largest audiences of its fourteen-year history, Strictly Come Dancing triumphed in this year's Christmas Day TV overnight ratings battle. More than 7.2 million overnight punters, almost a third of the available audience at the time, tuned-in to watch the BBC1 dance show's festive special, which was won by Melvin Odoom and his professional partner, Janette Manrara. BBC1 also claimed the second most popular programme of the day as 6.3 million watched The Great Christmas Bake Off, featuring one of the final appearances of Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. Eight of the ten most watched programmes on overnights were broadcast on BBC1, giving the channel an overwhelming victory in the annual overnight ratings battle. Mrs Brown’s Boys attracted 6.13 million viewers, Call The Midwife 6.06 million and the festive episode of Doctor Who - The Return of Doctor Mysterio - 5.71 million, almost exactly the same figure as the series pulled in last Christmas Day. ITV also claimed it was 'delighted' with its Christmas audiences, attracting an overall share of just under nineteen per cent, which the broadcaster said was its highest audience share on a Christmas Day since 2013. Coronation Street was the seventh most popular programme screened on Sunday, watched by 5.82 million viewers though it was narrowly beaten by BBC's EastEnders, with 5.9 million. Emmerdale had 4.2 million viewers in tenth place. The Queen's Christmas Message, broadcast simultaneously on BBC1, ITV, Sky 1 and Sky News, attracted 5.2 million viewers on the BBC and 2.9 million on ITV. The animated movie Frozen was watched by 4.66 million people on BBC1, whilst on ITV, The Lion King attracted 3.6 million viewers. The overnight TV ratings, of course, refer only to live television viewing and do not include online or subsequent catch-up audiences; those figures will be available sometime next week. Charlotte Moore, the BBC's director of content, said: 'BBC1 entertained the nation on Christmas Day with a fantastic range of high quality shows, winning eight out of the top ten most popular programmes.'
Lastly, dear blog reader, poor old Sarah Michelle Gellar (remember her?) seemed to have got herself a bit mixed up about which 1980s pop icon died late on Christmas Day (UK time), posting a clearly sincere and heartfelt tribute to the - still thankfully very-much-alive - Boy George rather than the, sadly, late George Michael. Don't you just hate it when that happens?