Tuesday, August 31, 2010

X-Treme Possibilities

Johnny Vegas has revealed that he is fixated with daytime TV programmes. Speaking to Bang Showbiz, the Ideal actor and comedian was especially complimentary of BBC1 property show Homes Under the Hammer, which is broadcast on weekdays at 9.45am. He said: 'I don't tend to put the telly on in the morning because once it's on, it stays on. I'm not strong enough to watch half-an-hour and turn it off. If Homes Under the Hammer gets me, I'm in it for the long haul. Suddenly it's evening and I'm still sitting there. All because of my love of cheap property.'

Simon Cowell has been 'blasted' by the father of X Factor contestant Annastasia Baker. That's tabloid-speak for 'criticised' only with less syllables. After Baker's initial audition for the show, which saw her perform John Fogerty's 'Proud Mary', Cowell told the twenty one-year-old that he had 'seen trannies do better versions' of the song. The single mum later progressed to Boot Camp after a rendition of Adele's 'Let Me Feel My Love.' Ian Baker, an airport worker, told the Mirror: 'Simon used some harsh words. I don't think what was said was fair. Annastasia spent a lot of money on her image and had poured time and effort into it. No father wants to hear his daughter being called a tranny, especially after everything she has been through with the show in the past. I just want Annastasia to go the whole way this time and fulfil her dreams. She's wanted this for so long and she deserves it.' Annastasia previously appeared on the show two years ago, but was sent home at the Judges' Houses stage by Cheryl Cole. Nice to see that it appears to be The X Factor's turn to have just about every comment made on it scrutinsed for any insult - real of imaginary - by the tabloids. It's normally BBC shows which get that sort of Shock! Horror! Probe! publicity.

Melissa Suffield has claimed that she was unfairly sacked from EastEnders earlier this year. Speaking to Reveal, the young actress - who plays Lucy Beale - defended her actions, insisting that it is not abnormal for seventeen-year-olds to drink. Suffield was told to leave the soap in May after numerous warnings from producers over her 'unruly behaviour.' She explained: 'It's not like I was going out, punching photographers and being sick in a gutter. I'm only doing what every other girl of seventeen does. It's not an excuse, but out of all the things Lucy has done, the only one I've done is drink underage. They were really angry. I was apologetic and told them it wouldn't happen again.' The character of Lucy has, since, been recast and Suffield's final appearance is expected to be broadcast later this year.

Al Pacino has revealed that he would be willing to guest star in an episode of Modern Family. When asked by Access Hollywood after this week's Emmy Awards if he would like to film a one-off appearance on the show, Pacino replied: 'Sure, why not?' The Oscar-winner said that he was shown several episodes of the hit ABC comedy whilst working on a project with Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. 'I don't see Modern Family much, but a friend of mine's in it - Jesse Ferguson,' Pacino added. 'I worked with him and he showed me a couple of episodes. [It's] very funny and they're all great.'

The long-awaited final episode of long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine attracted 5.4 million viewers, according to overnight figures. The show's swansong picked up nearly a million extra viewers compared to the previous Sunday night's episode on BBC1. But the comedy, which has been cancelled following thirty seven years of continuous tweeness, attracted audiences of up to twenty million people in its heyday in the early 1980s. Original character Norman Clegg delivered the show's closing line. Actor Peter Sallis said: 'Did I lock the door?' in a nod to his increasing forgetfulness. The last episode culminated in a routine about a pair of trouserless policemen and a bus in the charge of a hapless driver. The Yorkshire-based serial, written by Roy Clarke, is about a group of pensioners growing old disgracefully. It ran for twenty hundred and ninety five episodes.

Kerry Katona has been photographed apparently practising for Dancing On Ice. The Sun reports that the reality TV regular and bankrupt is 'signing up for the reality show,' which will be broadcast from January to March next year. Mind you, it was also widely reported last year in tabloid newspapers - and I use that word quite wrongly - that Katona was going to be appearing in Coronation Street and Benidorm and both of those 'reports' turned out to be nothing but lies. Meanwhile, according to the tabloid, Dancing On Ice judge Nasty Jason Gardiner has insisted that he would 'quit the show' if the former Atomic Kitten singer joined the contestants. Quite where the Sun got this little gem from, they don't say. Just as the Daily Lies didn't say where they got the Corrie story from and the Mirror didn't say where they got the Benidorm story from.