Monday, January 11, 2010

I Gotta New Job & I'm Newly Born

Jonathan Ross is in talks with Channel 4 surrounding his on-screen future, a tabloid report has claimed. The forty nine-year-old presenter announced last week that he would be leaving the BBC after thirteen years. The Daily Mail - yes, the very same lice-scum who, more than anyone else created the climate in which Ross's position at the BBC became so fragile - claim that Ross has been tipped to revive his 1980s chat show The Last Resort on the channel which gave him his first big break in television. A senior Channel 4 insider said 'one option' would be to bring his chat show to the station, adding: 'At the moment I think he is still working out what he wants to do but we would hope and expect to be working with him again once he has left the BBC.' Meanwhile, producer Nigel Lythgoe told the BBC that he plans to contact Ross about his opportunities in the US. The So You Think You Can Dance judge added that he believes Ross would be able to find work 'anywhere that he likes.'

Now, you might well be wondering, dear blog reader, where the promised new series of Time Team is. It usually starts on Channel Four during the first week of January. Well, apparently, word around the industry is that Channel Four wish to broadcast the show in a prime time Sunday early evening slot, probably around seven o'clock. But, because of various scheduling commitments where other programming is tied into wider events (including the General Erection) that particular slot wasn't available for Time Team in January or February. So, yer Keith Telly Topping has been on the case and whilst he can't give you an exact date as yet for when the new series will begin as it's still somewhat up in the air, according to the Channel Four Press Office it should be starting at some point in either February or March. Or, possibly April. Meanwhile, the Time Team producers are already well into the development phase for the 2011 series. So, don't fret - Tony, Phil, Mick and the team will return in the not too distant future.

And, speaking of things coming back, Larry Lamb has suggested that Gavin & Stacey will return for a Christmas special. This is a truly sickening blow to yer Keith Telly Topping, dear blog reader. They promised there would not be any more. Never trust television executives, dear blog reader, they're all liars.

Adam Woodyatt has complained about the BBC's food on Twitter. The actor, who plays twisty-faced Ian Beale in EastEnders, posted a photograph of the food that the cast and crew were given on set, adding that they had been told it was 'some sort of lamb.' Larry, perhaps? 'For anyone who thinks "Soap Stars" are pampered, this is the reason I brought my own lunch in,' he added. 'Bab's and Pam reckon I've made it look much better than it actually was!' He later continued: 'I've probably opened a can of worms with that earlier tweet ... If I have, I hope the caterers don't use them for spaghetti!' Oh, I definitely wouldn't have said that, pal. Actors in roles far more long-running than yours have found themselves the victim of a sudden, unexpected hit-and-run-accident plot-line for far less a crime than criticising the food.

And now, some very sad news. Doctors have reportedly informed Dennis Hopper that he may be facing his final days. The seventy three-year-old actor, who revealed in October that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had begun an experimental treatment, is said to be losing his battle against the disease, according to the News of the World. Doctors have allegedly admitted that hopes for the Easy Rider star are fading after the cancer spread to his bones.

So You Think You Can Dance producers were reportedly left embarrassed by the low turnout at some of the talent show's auditions. According to the People, bosses began to worry about a lack of interest when only fifty people turned up to one of the tryouts. A source explained: 'They felt the show would have the same impact as The X Factor or Britain's Got Talent, which get thousands of wannabes at each audition. But at their first round of auditions only around fifty dancers arrived and they were totally gobsmacked. Nigel Lythgoe had flown over from America to judge on the panel and Arlene Phillips was all set to go. It was embarrassing.' However, a BBC spokesperson denied claims that the company phoned Sky to see if they were having the same problems with their Got To Dance auditions. The representative said: 'On one occasion turnout was less than we hoped but the national auditions were massively successful, with hundreds at most venues. No call was made to Sky.'

Britain's most famous television street is to be demolished. Coronation Street's outdoor set, including the Rovers Return, will move from Quay Street in Manchester city centre to a site near Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium after ITV resumed talks to relocate its offices. Following the appointment of new ITV chairman Archie Norman, negotiations have begun again to relocate the soap's famous pub and cobbled streets set to the six hundred million pound Media City UK in Salford Quays. The existing site has been the setting for some of the most memorable scenes in television history, including numerous arguments between Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. With the advent of high-definition television, producers are keen to update the set as the new technology makes it easier to spot worn-out sets. Tracey Barlow, the fictional daughter of the soap's most enduring resident, Ken Barlow, murdered her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs on the street. It was also the location for numerous cat-fights, many of them involving Bet Lynch, the former landlady at the Rover and the street's most famous pint-puller. Bryan Gray, the chairman of the site's developers, Peel Media, said: 'ITV have a particular requirement in Coronation Street. I can confirm that we've offered them a package.' brown paper, no questions asked?

Eamonn Holmes is reportedly being considered for a return to GMTV. Jeez, they must be desperate. The fifty-year-old presenter is said to be 'in talks' with ITV executives about a comeback, having left the morning show five years ago for Sky's Sunrise programme. An insider told the Sunday Mirror that producers want to re-hire Holmes as part of a large-scale revamp of the show which will see several of the current presenters shown the door. 'He's popular with viewers but also has a serious news background which they feel makes him the man for the job,' the source said. 'Popular'? 'Serious'? Eamonn Holmes? We're talking about the same bloke, here, right?

Antony Worrall Thompson could be fined after a waiter at his restaurant was reportedly arrested on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. A thirty three-year-old man working at the Kew Grill, in Richmond, was detained after allegedly being found in possession of a fake French passport, according to the Sunday Mirror. AWT Restaurants have been issued with a 'notice of potential liability' by the UK Borders Agency, which could mean a ten thousand pound fine for the fifty eight-year-old TV chef.

Olly Murs - remember him? He was a losing contestant on a TV talent show - will sing at Danielle Lloyd's engagement party, reports say. Remember her? She was a losing contestant on a, supposed 'celebrity' reality TV show in which she and two of her pals used racially abhorrent language to a hapless Indian actress. Lloyd, who announced her engagement to footballer Jamie O'Hara last month (remember him? He's currently on loan to the only Premiership football club that can't afford to pay his wages), is said to be a huge fan of the X Factor runner-up. Either that, or he's a lot cheaper than Joe McElderry. Murs will reportedly be earning ten thousand pounds for the gig after O'Hara decided to book him as a treat for his fiancée. Which will, no doubt, come in handy supplementing his post-X Factor wages as a shelf-stacker at Tesco. Allegedly.

Katie Price has told friends that she plans to ditch her boyfriend Alex Reid, it has been claimed. Price made her decision after the cross-dressing cage fighter repeatedly ignored her requests to remain silent in the Big Brother house about their lives together, according to the News of the World. She told a friend: 'He's living off my fame in there. He's only famous because he's with me anyway. He's doing the exact opposite of what I told him to do! I can't believe it.' Reid had reportedly been banned by his girlfriend from talking to his housemates about the couple's sex life, Price's ex-husband Peter Andre, the breakdown of their relationship and Price's children. 'Jordan's gone ballistic and turned into Godzilla after seeing him this week' the model's 'friend' told the newspaper. 'She told him clearly before he went in not to trade off her fame,' the source commented. 'But she hates what she's seeing every night.' Because, of course, Jordan herself would never trade off her own infamy. Oh no, very hot water.