Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Face & My Art

You may not have previously been aware of this, dear blog reader - and to be honest there's no earthly reason why you should have been - but, anyway ... yer Keith Tellly Topping, in addition to being a television critic of world renowned (well, in his own street, anyway) also happens to be a, not particularly talented, amateur abstract impressionist artist. And, given that it's getting close to that special time of the year, he thought he'd take this opportunity to exhibit - for you all - the latest example of his work. There's plenty more where this came from if there's a demand for it.

This conceptual piece is entitled A Day's Reflection Upon The Singular Arteface Of Oncoming Xmas (2009). I hope you all like it. A postcard-sized copy can be purchased from the reception area. Name yer own price.