Friday, June 29, 2007

Making The Stand

So, just how brilliant is this, dear blog reader? Mika Brzezinski, we salute you. You go, girl.
If only a few other broadcasters had the same standards about what's actually important and newsworthy in this day and age and what is crass tittle-tattle and utter nonsense which is of no earthly relevance to anyone or anything.

Bloody Paris Hilton, I mean who actually gives a damn? There's a war going on, that's news. Some spoilt rich girl getting twenty days in the slammer because she seemingly believes laws don't apply to her, genuinely, isn't. This blogger expects Mika will probably get taken to the woodshed for a good, hard, over-the-knee spanking over her comments by her lickerty-split bosses at MSNBC. Come to England love, it's the land of proper journalism, you'll fit in like a glove over here.