Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Skies

Usually, dear blog reader, this blogger can't stand bloody tennis. But, every now and then, I dunno ... Though, it has to be said, it's geet awful when both you and your partner get an itchy arse, mid-game of doubles. Especially, if neither of you are wearing any pants.

So, you may possibly be asking yer good selves - if you're, you know, really sad - 'what' the Hell has very actual Keith Telly Topping his very self been up to since his last update?'

Well, not a lot if truth be told.

A lot of work on the Charmed DVD magazine, a few articles for Visual Imagination, one Book Club episode and several telly preview slots on the radio, getting all excited by the new seasons of Doctor Who and Life On Mars, lots of reading ... You know, the usual.
Monday night saw the latest Book Club episode which featured reviews of the following:-
David Peace - The Damned United (Faber)
Iain Banks - The Steep Approach To Garbadale (Little/Brown)
Nick Kent - The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings On Rock (Faber)
Patricia Cornwall - Black Notice (Time Warner)
Justin Langer/Steve Harmison - Ashes Frontline (Green Umbrella)
Jon Savage - Teenage: The Creation Of Youth (Random House)
Also reviewed recently:
Marybeth Hamilton - In Search Of The Blues (Jonathan Cape)
Emily McGuire - The Gospel According To Luke (Serpent's Tail)
Ricky Tomlinson - Reading, My Arse (Sphere)
Terrance Dicks - Made Of Steel (BBC Books)
Anthony Day - Will Climate Change Your Life? (Ecademy Press)
Rodric Braithwaite - Moscow 1941 (Profile Books)
Ali Dizael and Tim Phillips - Not One Of Us (Serpent's Tail)
Paul Trynka - Iggy Pop: Open Up & Bleed (Sphere)
Mark Lynas - Six Degrees: Our Future On A Hotter Planet (4th Estate)
Richard Toye - Lloyd George & Chruchill: Rivals For Greatness (MacMillan)
Kenneth O Morgan - Michael Foot: A Life (Harper/Collins)
Emily McGuire - Taming The Beast (Serpent's Tail)
Brian King - The Lying Ape (Icon Books)

To catch the latest show, go here and click on Book Club and you should be able to access it directly.

Someone was asking thi blogger recently what he'd been previewing TV-wise on Julia's afternoon show so Keith Telly Topping thought this would be an ideal opportunity to get all Asperger's-like and list the contents of the last few shows. Remember, if ever you want to catch any of the regular TV previews wot this blogger does, they're broadcast between approximately 2:10 and 2:40pm (GMT) each Thursday. If you miss a show it will be available on the Listen Again feature on Radio Newcastle's Homepage for approximately twenty four hours after the show ends - so, basically, that's from about 4pm Thursday till 4pm Friday. Simply go here click Listen Again, scroll down to The Julia Hankin Show and Keith telly Topping usually on about one hour and ten minutes in.

These are the TV shows that this blogger has previewed so far in 2007:

W/c 18 January 2007
Dancing On Ice
Time Time
Waking The Dead
Five Days
Should I Really Give Up Flying

W/c 25 January 2007
Five Days
Timewatch: Hadrian's Wall
The Comedy Map Of Britain
Top Gear
You Don’t Know You're Born
Party Animals

W/c 1 February 2007
Britain's Worst Weather
Rough Diamond
Dragon's Den

W/c 8 February 2007
Ugly Betty
The British Academy Film Awards
The Verdict
Life On Mars
The Abbey
Hotel Babylon

W/c 1 March 2007
Reichenbach Falls
Time Team Special
The Sopranos
Life On Mars
Lemur Island
Top Gear

W/c 8 March 2007
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Fallen Angel
Desperate Housewives

W/c 15 March 2007
Comic Relief
Harry Hill's TV Burp
The Greatest Raid Of All Time
Life On Mars

W/c 22 March 2007
The Hairy Bikers Ride Again
The Yellow House
A Class Apart
The Culture Show
The Royal
Being Ten

W/c 29 March 2007
Coronation Street
Doctor Who
City Lights

Finally, a quick update on Keith Telly Topping's published work for Visual Imagination. This blogger mentioned that the latest issue of Xposé (issue one hundred and two) was already out, featuring 'season two on my, seemingly never-ending, seven year journey through the history and complexities of Bufft The Vampire Slayer.' Well, issue onehundred and three - featuring, by logical extension, my season three overview - will be available from 11 April. And, whilst this blogger knows that he promised this series of articles apart, he had said everything he was ever going to say about the show, Anthony the Wiley Editor managed to get Keith Telly Topping to write a couple of pieces for TV Zone's Special Seventy Five including what may become a rather controversial Deep Thought piece on where, exactly, the Buffy legacy goes from here. (He also wrote the Top Twelve Buffy Moments article for that issue.)

Meanwhile, the last couple of issues of TV Zone (two hundred and thirteen and two hundred and fourteen) have featured another Deep Thought article which this blogger was really rather proud of and which he may put up an unedited version here at some stage called The Cancellation Game and various reviews of Studio 60, Life On Mars and some DVDs (the first season box-set of Strangers I would particularly recommend). For details of how to obtain these titles - and others - check out Visual Imagination's webpage at this address.