Monday, November 06, 2006

November Spawned A Monster

Details of the October and November Book Club shows the former of which can be found at the following site (the November show will probably follow suit and be up on the page in about a week's time):
Also, for the next twenty four hours (ie until around 7pm GMT on Tuesday 7 November), the November Book Club is available on the station's standard Listen Again feature. Simply go here: Click Listen Again, scroll down to Jon Harle and click there. The Book Club starts approximately two hours and thirty five(ish) minutes into the show.

Show Eleven (2 October)
1. Bernard Cornwall - Sharpe's Fury (HarperCollins)
2. CJ Sansom - Sovereign (MacMillan)
3. Hunter Davies - The Beatles, Football & Me (Headline)
4. Douglas Kennedy - Temptation (Random House)
5. Simon Garfield - Private Battles: How The War Almost Defeated Us (Ebury Press)
6. Richard Carman - Johnny Marr: The Smiths & The Art Of Gunslinging (IMP)
7. Jennifer Westoowd & Jacqueline Simpson - The Lore Of The Land: An Illustrated Guide To England's Legends From King Arthur To Dick Turpin (Penguin)

Show Twelve(6 November)
1. Michael Palin - Diaries: The Python Years 1969-79 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
2. James Herbert - The Secret Of Crackley Hall (Macmillam)
3. Neil Gaiman - Fragile Things (Headline Review)
4. Carol Smith - Without Warning (Little/Brown)
5. John Lloyd and John Mitchinson - Qi: The Book Of General Ignorance (Faber & Faber)
6. Margaret Potts and Dave Thomas - Harry Potts: Margaret's Story (Sports Books)
7. Chris Salewicz - Redemption Song: The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer (HarperCollins)

Also received in September, October and November:
Carol Clerk - Pogue Mahone (Omnibus)
David Miles - The Tribes Of Britain (Phoenix Books)
The Unpublished Spike Milligan (Fourth Estate)
Peter Hennesey - Having It So Good: Britain In The 1950s (Allen Lane)
Dominic Sandbrook - White Heat: A History Of Britain In The Swinging Sixties (Little Brown)
Howard Sounes - Seventies: The Sights, Sounds & Ideas Of A Decade (Simon & Shuster)
Tommy Steele - Bermondsay Boy (Michael Jospeh)
David Goldblatt - The Ball Is Round (Viking)
AN Wilson - Betjeman (Hutchinson)
Derren Brown - Tricks Of The Mind (Channel 4 Books)
Lloyd Clark - Anzio: The Fraction Of War (Headline Review)
John Williams - Back To The Badlands: Crime Writing In The USA (Serpent's Tail)
Carolyn Souter - Dave Allen: The Biography (Orion)
Robert Lacey - Great Tales From English History 1690-1953 (Little Brown)
Bob Wilson - Googlies, Nutmegs & Bogeys: The Origins Of Sporting Lingo (Icon Books)
David Rose - They Call Me Naughty Lola (Profile)
Malcolm Burgess - Five Hundred Reasons Why ... I Hate The Office (Icon Books)
Rupert Smith - Service Wash (Serpent's Tail)
Robin Cooper - Return Of The Timewaster Letters (Sphere)
Jean-Patrick Manchette - The Prone Gunman (Serpant's Tail)
Diane Setterfield - The Thirteenth Tale (Orion)
David Stone - Fighting For the Fatherland (Conway Books)
Josephine Hart - Catching Life By the Throat (Virago Books)
Rohan Candappa - Viva Chaz! (Profile)
Juan Carlos Onetti - The Shipyard (Serpent's Tail)
Brian Lavery - Churchill's Navy (Conway Books)

All are highly recommended (some of these may well feature in fuller reviews in the December Book Club which will be broadcast on the fourth of next month)