Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Funeral, My Trial

Nick Cave has revealed that Ray Winstone is interested in playing the title role in a television adaptation of his novel The Death of Bunny Munro. The singer, musician and author told Empire Online that Winstone's role in 2005 film The Proposition - which Cave also wrote - convinced him that he was right for the role of Munro. 'Ray let himself go for that particular part,' Nick said. 'He was drinking and kind of out of shape and looking pretty rough, but he had this kind of magnetism about him where all the women involved were weak at the knees when Ray was around. And when he speaks, everyone cranes towards him: he has this kind of pull which is really extraordinary.' Cave also revealed that the Bunny Munro novel had started life as a screenplay and that Winstone had been interested in the project from the beginning. 'He really loved the script when we first handed it to him,' he explained. 'He was really excited about it, and really distressed when it kinda tanked and never got made.' The Proposition director John Hillcoat is also expected to helm the adaptation.

Gok Wan has admitted that he worries about people 'getting bored' with him. Yeah, well that's ship's long-since sailed as far as this particular blogger is concerned, dear blog reader. Speaking to Hello, the How To Look Good Naked presenter explained that he does not know how long his shows can continue. 'Do I worry people will get bored?' he asked, rhetorically. 'I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned by it. I am at the mercy of the viewers.' He added: 'I do get concerned that I could run out of things to say and that people will switch off. It will happen at some point but I've been very lucky so far.'

Anne Dudek has revealed that her character on Covert Affairs is 'normal.' Dudek plays Danielle, the older sister of Annie (Piper Perabo), and explained that she enjoyed having a more straightforward role compared to her past shows, like House. 'Danielle's function in this show is that she is the mainstream choice, has the dream life, the husband who has the stable job making good money and two cute kids who are adorable,' she told the TV Addict. 'It hits a little bit closer to my own life because I'm married and just had a baby. And it's so fun, because I get to deal with situations and relationships that feel more normal. And feel more accessible to me and to the people I know, and it's fun to live in that world.' However, Dudek admitted that Danielle may face some challenges, saying: 'I think you'll find during this first season that it's not all perfect for Danielle either who will have to deal with her perfect dream having some cracks in it.'

Bruce Forsyth has admitted that he regrets hosting some game shows. Speaking to the Radio Times, Forsyth explained that he took the jobs because they were easy and gave him a lot of time off. 'I regret doing so many game shows, but I started when I met [my wife] Wilnelia and we love spending time together,' he said. 'You can do a series in two weeks. Then take as much time off as you like. Money for old rope.' He added: 'People don't understand I can be the laziest person in the world. In Puerto Rico I eat well and lounge in the shade on the beach reading lots of books, mostly courtroom dramas.'

Vic Reeves was apparently left with a broken bone in his foot after he dropped Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison on it. Viewers will see the Shooting Stars host drop the big fat wobbly actress when the show returns for a new series on BBC2 tonight, reports the Sun. 'It really hurt,' Reeves told the paper. Well, it would do - she must weigh an effing ton, that lass. 'Cheryl and Vic got tangled up and he ended up really hurting his foot,' a 'source' allegedly added. 'Vic was seeing a doctor for several weeks after but his foot has healed now.' I'll bet Bob laughed his knob off when it happened!

A total solar eclipse yesterday crossed the South Pacific briefly plunging swathes of the ocean into darkness. The eclipse was visible along an eleven thousand kilometre arc, which included Easter Island. Thousands of people travelled to the remote Chilean island to watch the spectacle. Jack Izzard reports for the BBC in this video. And, it's great even if he does use the expression 'cosmic ballet' for which, frankly, he should be forced to watch the Simpsons episode he got it from until his eyes bleed!

John Barrowman has revealed that his Desperate Housewives co-star Drea de Matteo offered to have a baby for him. The forty three-year-old actor recently guest-starred in the ABC drama as Patrick Logan, the murderous ex-boyfriend of de Matteo's character, Angie Bolen. He told Heat magazine: 'Drea said we're like brother and sister, separated at birth, and that she'd have my kids. She's got this amazing New Jersey drawl: "I usually don't like actors, but I like you. You want a kid? Come to me, I'll have a baby for ya." Brilliant!'

A man is reportedly suing Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, following an alleged assault. Amado Aguirre alleges that Mel, Belafonte and one of their employees beat him while he was taking pictures of a home he was hired to appraise, reports TMZ. Aguirre said that the trio mistook him for a paparazzo and physically hurt him, causing him to sustain neck and back injuries and breaking his hand. He is seeking three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in damages plus thirty five thousand in medical expenses, a million dollars in 'punitive damages,' one hundred grand for loss of future earnings and ten thousand for actual lost earnings.

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