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Mariah Carey allegedly asked for 'two burly men' to help lower her onto the GMTV sofa during her appearance on the early morning show earlier this week. The singer was also said to have brought 'her own private toilet roll,' at least according to the show's co-host, Kate Garraway. 'I've heard a lot of rumours about her being a diva over the years and, guess what? It turns out it's all true,' an excited Garraway snitched in her column in New! magazine. 'Mariah was very nice [but] the amount of people she had in her entourage was hilarious. They outnumbered the entire GMTV crew! She had one person to walk in front of her backwards at all times in case she fell over.' That, actually, sounds like a responsible precaution to Keith Telly Topping. I've often wondered how Mariah Carey manages to walk in a straight line without falling over. But, let this also be a lesson to anyone who intends to go on GMTV any time soon - it might be an idea to get a written prior agreement which confirms your right to privacy in the toiletry habits department.

House star the divine Lisa Edelstein has revealed that she is hoping for Cuddy and House to get together in the series. Ah, nice to know there's a 'shipper on the cast as well in several million in the audience. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the forty three-year-old actress, who plays Lisa Cuddy on the FOX show, also praised her co-star, Hugh Laurie, for his dedication to the show. 'Their timing just really sucks,' she said. 'As soon as he was emotionally prepared to give [a relationship] a shot, she kind of gave up. But I'm rooting for them.' Discussing the long hours the cast work, she added: 'I never doubted what Hugh was going through every week. You get up at 4am on Monday, you work fourteen hours every day, and you have no life basically. But it's a hell of a lot better than working in a coal mine. I don't think Hugh ever forgets his good fortune, and I certainly don't.' Yeah, I don't think, by and large, you find many Old Etonians down coal mines, chuck. Merchants banks, possibly.

Scott Bakula has revealed that an issue over ownership rights is likely holding up a relaunch of his popular SF series Quantum Leap. The Emmy-nominated actor played Sam Beckett on the NBC show from 1989 to 1993. He recently told Moviehole that a rumoured Doctor Who-style reboot of Quantum Leap will not happen any time soon. 'There's a big, long, complicated paper trail in terms of ownership - it was bought by different studios. Barry Diller bought it… that's the world of Universal Television. And if Universal TV gets bought, it'll get even more complicated,' he added.

Former Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones has ruled out a return to the Weatherfield soap for its fiftieth anniversary. The thirty-year-old, who played Karen McDonald between 2000 and 2004, was rumoured to be interested in reprising her role in time for the ITV soap's golden anniversary next December. She subsequently said that a return 'unlikely' and has now completely ruled out any possibility. She told the Lancaster and Morecambe Citizen: 'I wouldn't go back to Corrie. I think you should move on. I'm even reluctant to say "never say never" because I definitely don't want to.' She added: 'I love Coronation Street and the people but I don't miss it. I like the variety I can do now. I am a bit greedy like that.' Earlier this month, Kevin Kennedy claimed to have discussed a potential return with the show's producers, while another former Street star, Angela Griffin, recently stated her interest in being part of the anniversary.

FOX has unveiled its 2009-10 mid-season line-up, confirming the return dates of shows including 24 and American Idol. A special extended event is scheduled for Sunday 17 January including a preview of the DC Comics-inspired Human Target at 8pm, followed by the much-anticipated return of 24, which will premiere between 9pm and 11pm. House and 24 will then be paired Monday evenings starting 25 January. The series finale of Dollhouse is scheduled to air Friday 22 January, then Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares will take over the slot the following week.

Five will follow Liverpool's Europa League campaign when they enter the knockout stages of the competition next year. The broadcaster had the first pick of matches in every round of the competition all the way to the final in Hamburg, which will also air live on Five. Liverpool are moving into the competition having crashed, embarrassingly, out of the Champions League – Europe's premier club competition - at the group stage on Tuesday night. A one-nil win over Debrecen in Budapest was not enough to secure progress as Italy's Fiorentina beat Lyon to eliminate the Merseyside club.

The BBC iPlayer will be trialled to a select group of Freesat viewers from 7 December, the corporation has announced. Participants in the trial will initially require a code to access the BBC iPlayer but the service should be more freely available by Christmas. The trial is designed to work on Humax HD set top boxes, currently owned by one-in-three Freesat viewers. ITV Player will also launch in beta, or trial form, early in 2010. Moving the BBC iPlayer from a computer to a TV platform had been a challenge said Rahul Chakkara, head of TV platforms at the BBC. 'The hardware of set top boxes and Internet Protocol Television is constrained,' he told BBC News. 'Set top boxes don't have the same processing power or memory as a typical PC. The software inside the boxes was really made for broadcast.' The BBC iPlayer will continue to roll out across different devices as they become connected to the Internet, he said. A broadband connection is essential for the service to work on TV. Freesat is currently in seven hundred and fifty thousand homes in the UK and has experienced considerable growth this year, attracting more new customers than Sky in the past two quarters.

Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks is to embark on one of its darkest storylines this Christmas when one village resident is exposed as a child killer. Next month, pole dancer Loretta Jones - played by Melissa Walton - is forced to face old demons when her former best friend Chrissy (Amber Hodgkiss) suddenly arrives in the village. Her evident panic and unease is quickly explained when Chrissy reveals that she and Loretta killed a child when they were both twelve years old - and they have been living under new identities ever since. Deeply concerned that her secret is about to be exposed to the rest of the village, Loretta - whose real name is Joanna Norman - attempts to force Chrissy out of her life again. A show source told the Sun: 'We appreciate the episodes deal with a sensitive subject but it has been thoroughly researched. The drama is about how Loretta reacts to Chrissy's arrival back in her life and how she copes with all the memories coming flooding back.'

Lloyd Daniels' grandmother Joan Morgan has said that she is unhappy with Louis Walsh for criticising her grandson on The X Factor. Walsh has repeatedly said that Daniels is 'out of his depth' on the programme and later suggested that he should have been in the bottom two on Sunday's results show. Morgan told the South Wales Echo: 'I'm so pleased for Lloyd and think he really deserved to go through and not be in the sing-off as he really improved this week. But what Louis said was mean and totally unnecessary. Lloyd is only sixteen and still developing as a singer. I thought he was more confident and comfortable this week. The judges said so.' You so don't want to upset the grannies, Louis. They're just about the only friends you have left.

An actor was filmed attacking police and stealing a baton during a violent protest against George Bush's presidential visit last year, a court heard yesterday. George Anton, who has appeared in a number of films and TV productions including The Bill, was first videoed punching a woman officer in the face as she and colleagues struggled to contain Stop the War demonstrators. They had been ordered to prevent the protesters marching on Downing Street where the US leader was being entertained by the Prime Minister. London's Southwark Crown was told that as blood poured from PC Sharon Finch's nose Anton allegedly told her: 'What's the matter? Didn't your mother play with you as a child?' David Durose, prosecuting, claimed the forty five-year-old - who once played a detective constable in a police drama series - then lashed out at one of her male colleagues manning barriers blocking off Whitehall before snatching a baton from a third officer. The barrister said footage of the incident was subsequently studied by police staff who recognised the protester 'as an actor in a television series.' Apart from The Bill, Anton has also appeared in dramas such as Two Thousand Acres of Sky, Soldier Soldier and A Touch of Frost. In the dock with him is fellow demonstrator George Orton, thirty five, of Camden. Both deny violent disorder on 15 June 2008.

Alex Reid mum believes that Katie Price 'seemed very cruel.' And, you've only just realised this, yes?

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