Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Month's Ranting

Current Listening:
Neil Young
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Rogue Traders ("Here Come the Drums!")
This Mortal Coil
Johnny Cash
New Order
The Chemical Brothers (bloody awesome at Glastonbury on Sunday, by the way)

Current Viewing:
Doctor Who
Twenty/20 Cricket on Sky Sports
Cold Blood
Season two of Lost (this blogger is having a complete rewatch at the moment and, amazingly, it does hang together ... Well, mostly)
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (alas, and farewell)
Seven Ages Of Rock (except for those two really crappy episodes in the middle full of Big Hair and Spandex)
Balderdash & Piffle
Qi and Top Gear on UKG2

Current Reading:
It's mostly the stuff which will be featured in next week's Book Club so, more on this in a future bloggerisationisms update.

This blogger has been doing a lot of genealogy work over weekends recently as mentioned in an earlier post. It's very addictive. So far, Keith Telly Topping has managed to track down pretty much full details on all sixteen of his great, great grandparents which, considering that some of them were born in the Eighteenth Century is, I reckon, pretty decent going.

Remember, there's a new Book Club next Monday (6:30 GMT) and Keith Telly Topping can be heard, daily, doing Keith Telly Topping's Top TV Tips. And, if you can say that without having your tongue removed, you're doing better than yer actual Keith Telly Topping.

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