Monday, June 11, 2007

Raspberry World

A quick plug, dear blog reader.

The latest issue of Raspberry World, a multi-media fanzine, edited by yer actual Keith Telly Topping's good buddy Diana Dougherty is now out. It includes the One Thousand & One Movies You Must See A'fore Ye Die malarkey which this blogger has previously mentioned.

Anyone reading this bloggerisationism in the US who wants a copy, you can e-mail Di at for further details on price and ordering (This blogger is told that it's available through PayPal and all sorts of new-fangled technological Interweb-type things which he, personally, don't understand).

Anybody in the UK who wants one, this blogger has got four to sell - he was hoping to have five but ... whatever. Drop me an e-mail on a strictly 'first come first served' basis (£2.50 postage and packing inclusive).


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to write you a e-mail but it only allows 300 characters. What is it with that? Anyhow, I read your book "Doctor Who: The King of Terror" years ago and enjoyed it. I managed to check your website but now that has been defunct for a number of years it has been difficult trying to get in contact with you. Until now. I accidentally came across this (Wikipedia is soooo great).

Anyway, the reason I am e-mailing you is down to desperation really. As you are also from Newcastle you must realise that finding any journalistic experience is rather difficult. There is sod all up here!!! I am finding it extremely difficult finding any experience to put on my CV. Any chance of offering me a tiny “job” of some sort just for me to put on my CV?

I know I could have worded this better but I’m rather tired and sick of looking for journalist experience. I need a helping hand.



Liam said...

Emmmmm I'm sorry but I've had some difficulty in my blog account. I have changed it to this one: the one I am typing from right now. I would be extremely grateful if you could in contact with me via this account.