Thursday, June 07, 2007

June - Book Club Update

We start, this month with a necessary statement of fact:
Social comment, that is.

In other news, episode nineteen of the Book Club was broadcast on BBC Radio Newcastle on Monday 4 June. You can listen to the show here. The books feature were:-
David Tossell - Grovel: The Story & Legacy Of The Summer Of '76 (Know The Score Books)
Paul Smith - Wasted? (Know The Score Books)
Dixe Wills - New World Order (Icon Books)
Sinclair MacKay - A Thing Of Unspeakable Horror: The History Of Hammer Films (Aurum)
Sally Beauman - The Landscape Of Love (Time Warner)
Alistair Moffat - The Borders (Birlinn)
Joe Moran - Queuing for Beginners (Profile)
Also received during April and May:

Political and Social History:
Richard Toye - Lloyd George & Chruchill: Rivals For Greatness (MacMillan)
Stephen Dorril - Black Shirt: Sir Oswald Mosley & British Fascism (Penguin)
Hugh McManners - Forgotten Voices Of The Falklands (Ebury)
Patrick Bishop - Bomber Boys (HarperCollins)
Don Jordan & Michael Walsh - White Cargo: The Forgotten History Of Britain's White Slaves In American (Mainstream)
David Kynaston - Austerity Britain (Bloomsbury)
Nicolette Jomes - The Plimsoll Sensation (LittleBrown)
Steve Overbury - Guns, Cash & Rock 'n' Roll: The Managers (Mainstream)
Marybeth Hamilton - In Search Of The Blues (Jonathan Cape)
Martin Roberts - Durham: One Thousand Years Of History (Tempus)

Mike Adamson, James Dart, Sean Ingle R Rob Smyth - Is It Cowardly To Pray For Rain? (Abacus/Guardian Books)
Peter Baxter (ed) - Test Match Special: Fifty Not Out (BBC Books)
Peter Marinello - Fallen Idle (Headline)
Martin Day - Doctor Who: Wooden Heart (BBC Books)
George MacDonald Fraser - Royal Flash (Grafton)
Wilbur Smith - The Quest (MacMillan)
Bernard Cornwell - The Lords Of The North (HarperCollins)
Rob Eastaway - How To Remember (Almost) Everything, Ever! (Element)
Rodolfo Figwill - Malvinas Requiem (Serpent's Tail)
Kate Pullinger - A Little Stranger (Serpent's Tail)
Henry Nicholls - Lonesome George: The Life & Loves Of The World's Most Famous Tortoise (Pan)
Lionel Shriver - Double Fault (Serpent's Tail)
Alexander Ikonnikov - Lizka & Her Men (Serpent's Tail)
Walter Mosley - Fear Of The Dark (Serpent's Tail)
Simon Young - AD 500 (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
Barbar Gowdy - Helpless (Little Brown)
Cathi Unsworth - The Singer (Serpent's Tail)
Matthew Morrison - Big Questions (Wizard Books)
Danny King - School For Scumbags (Serpent's Tail)
Stella Duffy - Mouths Of Babes (Serpent's Tail)
Heidi W Boehringer - Crossing The Dark (Serpent's Tail)
Pat MacEnulty - From May To December (Serpent's Tail)
Sean Connolly - Wholly Irresponsible Experiments! (Icon Books)

Among the books that'll be featured in the July Book Club (which, all things being equal, should broadcast on Monday 2 July at about 6:35-ish) will be:-
Andrew Marr - A History Of Modern Britain (MacMillan)
Don DeLillo - Falling Man (Picador)
Daniel Blythe - This Is The Day (Allison & Busby)
I'm particularly pleased that my old mate Danny Blythe's latest novel is going to be this month's competition book.

And, finally, just a quick reminder that my Top Telly Tips previews can be caught, daily Monday to Friday on The Julia Hankin Show around 3:40 - ish.

Recent picks have included:
Saturday 26 May:
Doctor Who - Human Nature.

Monday 28 May:
Power to the People – The Great Granny Invasion

Tuesday 29 May:
E-17 Reunited

Wednesday 30 May:
Big Brother – Live Launch
Saving Private Ryan (difficult to know which one of these two featured more blood and gore).

Thursday 31 May:

The Graham Norton Show

Friday 1 June:
Sea of Fire

Saturday 2 June:
The Seven Ages Of Rock

Sunday 3 June:

Monday 4 June:
Coronation Street
Peter & Dan Snow's Twentieth Century Battlefields

Tuesday 5 June:
Let Me Entertaining You
Trinny & Susannah Undressed

Wednesday 6 June:
Challenge Anneka
Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel

Thursday 7 June:
You Can Choose Your Friends
The Million Pound Footballers Giveaway.

If you ever miss an episode, you can always catch them for twenty four hours after initial broadcast on the Listen Again feature on the Radio Newcastle website. Just look up The Julia Hankin Show and I'm usually on about two hours and forty minutes into each show, and each preview usually lasted a maximum of three to five minutes.