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EastEnders acrtess Cheryl Fergison and the Grumpy Old Women have made it through to the final of Let's Dance For Sport Relief. The public's favourite performance was Fergison's dance to 'Ice Ice Baby', which judge Jo Brand had described earlier as 'bang on the money' and 'fantastic.' Fergison immediately started laughing and said: 'Thank you everyone who has voted. All these guys are just fantastic and we've had a ball. It's just so funny.' Judges Brand, Denise Van Outen and Vic Reeves then had to choose between the Grumpy Old Women's performance of Lady GaGa's 'Poker Face' and the footballers' dance to 'Men In Black.' The panel quickly opted to save Lesley Joseph, Susie Blake, Linda Robson and Jenny Éclair - meaning that footballers Peter Shilton and Jason Cundy had to leave the show. The other acts who performed this week were Stephen K Amos, The Bill's Sally Rogers and Chris Simmons, and Bellamy's People stars Felix Dexter, Lucy Montgomery and Rhys Thomas. The winners will now join Rufus Hound, Katy Brand, Richard Arnold and Kate Garraway and Debra Stephenson in next week's final, which begins on Saturday at 7pm on BBC1.

Saint Bob Geldof has challenged the BBC to substantiate its allegations that millions raised for famine relief in Ethiopia were diverted to pay for weapons. The anti-poverty campaigner said there was 'not a shred of evidence' Band Aid or Live Aid money was siphoned off. The report included claims that substantial sums of aid which went into rebel-held areas of Tigray province in 1985 were used to buy weaponry. The BBC World Service has said that it is standing by its report. Geldof told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show that he would personally sue the Ethiopian government and spend the money on aid if any evidence was produced. He said: 'Produce me one shred of evidence and I promise you I will professionally investigate it, I will professionally report it, and if there is any money missing I will sue the Ethiopian government for that money back and I will spend it on aid. There is not a single shred of evidence that Band Aid or Live Aid money was diverted in any sense, it could not have been.' The news and current affairs editor at the World Service, Andrew Whitehead, said the BBC stood by its report. Taking part in a discussion with Geldof, Whitehead said that the BBC had 'quite a lot of evidence' to support the report. The World Service report featured interviews with two former members of a rebel group who made the allegations dating from the mid-1980s. The CIA also alleged aid money was being misused, Whitehead pointed out in a radio discussion. He accepted the 1985 report from the crime agency was written before Band Aid had gone into Ethiopia, but said it established 'a pattern' that international aid was being used for military purposes. The report concluded: 'Some funds that insurgent organisations are raising for relief operations, as a result of increased world publicity, are almost certainly being diverted for military purposes.' Geldof, who was speaking to the BBC from Nairobi, also said one of the sources quoted in the report was a 'dissident political exile' who was 'not credible.' Martin Plaut, the World Service's Africa editor who broke the story, said a lot of his nine-month investigation was spent trying to corroborate or dismiss events. He said: 'We came across a lot of other evidence which made it clear that yes, indeed, some of the money had gone astray.' He added that the 'balanced, measured' programme had gone through the entire BBC editorial process and had not simply been 'thrown on air.'

Amanda Holden has predicted that Denise Van Outen will land a new television job after her baby is born. Tragically, Amanda herself will also probably continue in gainful employment within the industry.

US rapper Snoop Dogg has won the latest round in a long-running fight with UK border authorities over his right to enter the country. The thirty eight-year-old was denied a UK tour visa in 2007, but managed to have the ban lifted the following year. After the UK Border Agency challenged the ruling, the case went to an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. Last week two senior immigration judges decided border authorities were wrong to deny the hip-hop star entry. Snoop Dogg - real name Cordozar Calvin Broadus Junior - was told of the decision on Monday, which enables him to re-apply for a visa. However, there is still no guarantee that a visa will be issued. A UK Border Agency spokesperson said it was 'disappointed by the tribunal's decision in this case. We are studying the determination carefully and will take a decision whether to appeal.' The original ruling came in the wake of Snoop Dogg's arrest in April 2006, following a fracas at Heathrow Airport involving members of his entourage. The following March he was denied a visa to enter the UK on a European tour with fellow hip-hopper P Diddy. After that ruling was overturned in 2008, the UK Border Agency continued to contest the case, maintaining it believed that Snoop Dogg could constitute 'a risk to the public.' What do you think he's going to do, guys? Put a cap up yo ass, bitch, like a muthafuggin' ho, or somesuch? Because, i think that's rather unlikely, personally. Last year the rapper was cleared of charges of hitting a fan who had jumped on stage during a 2005 concert in Seattle, though his record company was ordered to pay damages.

Suranne Jones has admitted that she is unhappy with her body. According to the News of the World, the former Coronation Street star dislikes her breasts. 'I hate my boobs, they're too big,' she revealed. 'I've always had the mickey taken about them, so I'd change them in a second.' Pity. They look fine to me.

Melissa Suffield has insisted that she is nothing like her EastEnders character, Lucy Beale. Yes, love. That's because you're an actress. Most people can tell the difference. The seventeen-year-old explained that she enjoys playing Lucy in the soap but sometimes gets 'funny looks' when she is in public. 'I love playing her,' she told the Daily Star. 'I just wish people didn't think I was like her in real life because I'm not. I've still got the same friends I've had since I was little so I have been able to stay pretty grounded. But when I'm out and about I do get funny looks. I suppose it comes with the territory.' More likely, you know, when people are looking at you they're thinking 'is that her off EastEnders? She looks smaller than I imagined' or something similar. Then again, some people are thick as pig's shite and don't understand the concept of "actors."

Matt Lucas has quit Shooting Stars, according to the Sun. The thirty six-year-old Little Britain actor is apparently stepping down from his role as drumming baby George Dawes to concentrate on a new project with his comedy partner David Walliams. 'It's the first time in six series that I can't be in it and I'm obviously sad. I hope we can do something together again soon,' Lucas is quoted as saying. The cult show, which returned last year after a seven-year absence, will be back later this year for a new six-episode run. Ulrika Johnson and Jack Dee will again feature as team captains. It has not yet been announced whether Lucas will be replaced.

Christopher Cazenove is reportedly in a critical condition after collapsing at his home. The actor, who is, perhaps, best known for playing Ben Carrington in 1980s soap Dynasty, has been in intensive care for two weeks suffering from septicemia, reports the Mail On Sunday. It is believed that the sixty six-year-old suffered migraines whilst on a business trip to California and collapsed when he arrived home in London. A friend said that the actor was in a coma but has regained consciousness and is being treated at the capital's St Thomas' Hospital. 'He was in a life-threatening condition but doctors think they have stabilised him now. The family are all at his bedside and praying that he will make a full recovery,' the source said. Cazenove's agent added: 'His family are with him and everyone is rallying round.' The Old Etonian first made his name in the early 70s drama series The Regiment, before making appearances in Judge John Deed and playing the caddish role of Charlie Tyrrell in The Duchess Of Duke Street.

The actor Tom Conti has complained that the BBC thinks its audience is stupid. The actor stars in a radio adaptation of Frederick Raphael's novel Final Demands, but argued that it should have been broadcast on television like the first book in Raphael's trilogy. He said: 'You can't get such a thing onto television anymore because it's full of big words and, of course, the British public are so stupid in the eyes of the television executives that they couldn't possibly understand words longer than two syllables.' Well, given the popularity of the Sun newspapers which never includes words of more than one syllable if it can be helped, then there may be some circumstantial evidence that they're right, Tom, mate. Sorry like, but there you have it. 'You can't speak good English or dress well on TV,' he continued. 'So it's on Radio 4.' Err ... does it actually matter how you dress on the radio, Tom? People can't see you.

MTV has been accused of staging a 'cover-up' during an episode of Jersey Shore. In one edition of the controversial reality show, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola were seen fighting with a couple on the boardwalk. TMZ reports that Joshua Thomas and Kristin Perrenod have now claimed that they were misrepresented on the show and have filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court. In the documents, they claim that the fight was edited 'in a manner that was completely inconsistent with what really took place.' The pair say that they have the raw footage, which reportedly shows Ortiz-Magro and Giancola antagonising the couple by using homophobic slurs and other insults before the incident turned violent. Thomas and Perrenod also alleged that they were 'clearly intoxicated' when they signed the release forms and therefore their consent was not informed. The couple are suing MTV, 495 Productions, Viacom, Ortiz-Magro and other parties for an unspecified amount.

Vernon Kay is reportedly 'immensely relieved' after signing a one million pound deal with ITV. The one-year exclusive lifeline comes in the wake of the presenter's sex text scandal, during which he admitted to sending saucy messages to five women. Kay, who is married to Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly, apologised to his family and promised to do 'whatever it takes' to get his marriage back on track. Speaking about the deal, a source told the Mirror: 'To say Vernon is relieved is an understatement.' The thirty six-year-old has two children with Daly, who recently revealed that the couple are 'working things out.'

Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson's sister is reportedly offering sex for thirty pounds a time at a Manchester massage parlour, the Sunday Mirror has alleged. Which is a lot of money so, frankly, if this is true then she'd better be good for that price. Chelsea Sampson reportedly told the newspaper that she had turned to prostitution in a desperate attempt to make money after falling on hard times. 'No one knows what I've been doing. Not even my family. They think I'm a lap dancer,' she said. Not now they don't, Chel. 'I wish I never got into it, but I don't have another job. I'm really ashamed and I'm going to stop.' Schoolboy Sampson gave his sister a role as a backing dancer for his tour after he shot to fame on the 2008 run of the ITV show. But, like most other people who've been cast into the limelight by Britain's Got Talent, soon found himself victim of King Midas in Reverse syndrome as everything he touched turned to shit. In September 2009 Simon Cowell reportedly dumped Sampson after his career failed to take off. In the same month, Sampson was also evicted from his London flat following repeated acts of anti-social behaviour, such as playing music at unacceptably high volumes although he has recently managed to get himself a part of Waterloo Road. A friend of Chelsea revealed that she has since 'hit hard times. She's a talented dancer, just like her brother, but just hasn't had the same kind of breaks,' the insider said.

Hayley Tamaddon has claimed that she feels like Wonder Woman after all her training on Dancing On Ice. The former soap actress, who finished top of the leaderboard in yesterday's episode with a perfect score of thirty, revealed that her figure had changed a lot throughout the series. 'Rather than changing on a monthly basis, it changes on a weekly basis depending on the routine that we're doing,' she told the Daily Star. 'I have noticed that my arms are so toned now. I slimmed down a lot before Dancing On Ice. I think I lost about two stone and dropped three dress sizes. I am now a size six or eight where I was a twelve and to be comfortable was wearing size fourteen pants! 'But this show has made me tone up. I look at my stomach now and I can see definition I've never seen before. And I feel like I have had a bum lift without paying for it. My thighs are like steel.'

Mickey Rourke has reportedly claimed to have slept with fourteen women in one night in the UK. According to the Sun, the Sin City and The Wrestler star believes that the alleged sexual antics of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole do not compare to those of leading actors. Rourke said: 'Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs get an easy time - they should try living with Hollywood hellraisers. I once spent a weekend in the UK and had fourteen women in one night.' He added: 'British footballers have got nothing on us when it comes to women. If you WAGs knew what Hollywood's stars get up to you'd think you were married to pussycats.'

Joe McElderry has revealed that he would love to land a role in a musical. Ooo, what a giveaway. The X Factor winner told Now magazine that he has always admired West End stars and would love to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber. 'If the offer was there [from Webber] I certainly wouldn't turn it down, I'll tell you that,' he said. 'There's nothing wrong with musical theatre. Some of the biggest singers in the world are there.' Yeah, true. So, probably not the place for you then, Joe.

Kerry Katona's estranged husband Mark Croft has apparently admitted that he secretly made money by tipping off the press about the couple's private life. The former taxi driver said that the end of their two-and-a-half year marriage is inevitable, branding Katona as 'used goods. I hate her,' Croft told the News of the World, adding that he has already taken back her wedding and engagement rings. The thirty nine-year-old said that he didn't think twice about revealing Katona's location to the paparazzi during their marriage. 'Kerry went mental when she found out - but it didn't stop me, I don't feel guilty,' he revealed. 'She said, "Don't fucking do this to me. It makes me look stupid." It is a bit snitty but it was worth a few hundred quid. If I hadn't done it somebody else would have done.' Croft said that he would wind up his estranged wife, who suffers from bipolar disorder, until she reached breaking point. 'I could push it to the limit,' he boasted, before repeating claims that Katona is having an affair with an instructor that she met at a weight loss boot camp.

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