Monday, June 15, 2009

Curry And A Bit Of Motown

No matter what your colour,
your race or your culture.
THIS is our inheritance

Dreadzone - 'Little Britain'

I really feel that I should bring to your attention, dear blog reader, a wonderfully articulate and passionate piece written by the very excellent Tom Attah;

'Millions of my ancestors were displaced and murdered to buy my understanding. My forebears were beaten to death to give me my chances and my parents were abused in the streets to purchase my opportunities – so that now, when it is time for ME to understand and to forgive, when it is time for ME to share and to educate – I know how to do it. If I don't stop the wheel of segregation and distrust and lies and ignorance from spinning then I have learned – WE have learned – nothing. But I’m angry about this.

HOW DARE YOU Nick Griffin, lie to my people. HOW DARE YOU Nick Griffin, tell them that you are in this for them. HOW DARE YOU Nick Griffin, tell me that I have no right to be here. The only true indigenous peoples in the UK are the Welsh, and they are angry enough already. This nation was BUILT on immigration, invasion, inclusion and adaption.

My father fought so many battles to get into 2009 and now here we are thinking about the same old thing – a group of people feeling like they have been forgotten, who believe that they are jobless and who think that they have no rights.'

Damn straight, brother. Testify!

Personally, I tend to reduce all repatriationalist arguments, somewhat, to a more manageable maxim: 'Bonehead fascist numskulls (even if they are wearing nice suits) = not a good thing.' But, you know either way works.

There's nothing righteous or honest about basing judgements of a person's worth on something as ephemeral, as downright nothing, as the colour of their skin. 'If you have a racist friend,' Jerry Dammers once noted, 'now is the time for that friendship to end.' That applies to anyone - including members of your family.

Reclaim the flag, it belongs to ALL OF US, not just Daily Scum Mail-reading lice or cretinous bores with tattoos of the queen on their arses. And if you vote BNP - or have ever even briefly considered it - then I really don't want to know you and I'd very much like you to leave this blog and never return. Thanks for your kind co-operation in this matter.

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Ronnie B. said...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Well said that man!:)