Thursday, January 22, 2009

A (Short) Public Service Announcement. With Guitars.

The BBC being what it is, an institution where self-promotion is, rightly, frowned up as vulgar and unbecoming ("... and nation shall speak peace onto nation" and all that) I thought I'd use this opportunity on a non-affiliated blog to highlight the fact that today's sketch on The Alfie Joey Show was written by - and co-starring - me(!)

In it, I play Mark Hughes, who would seem in danger of becoming the world's first Welsh-Pakistani whenever I do him. (There's lovely, lovely, lovely, Boyo, isn't it?) I sincerely apologise to Mark and, indeed, to Welshmen and Pakistanis everywhere! Dylan Thomas, Neil Kinnock, Gareth Edwards, Zaheer Abbas, General Musharaf can you hear me? Your boys all took a hell of beating ... I'm sorry to say.

As you may have gathered from the character whom I play, as with the last sketch I wrote for the show a couple of weeks back concerning Christiano Ronaldo's driving, this one is marginally football-related. If you want to tune-in and listen (and then harshly but fairly criticise the accent) after about 5pm today, go here: -
click the Listen Again feature
click the Alfie Joey Show icon
click the icon for Thursday 23rd January
then seek out the sketch which can be heard around one hour, nine minutes and twenty nine seconds into the show approximately (straight after 'Love Really Hurts Without You' ... and the Stuart Hall trail).

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