Friday, October 31, 2008

A Correction

Hi, dear blog reader. Yesterday, this blog featured some advance Top Telly Tips for next week, including a preview of Tuesday's UK-TV coverage of that evening's US Presidential Election. In accordance with much of the UK media's wholly understandable impartiality concerning this event, From the North posted photographs of the two Presidential candidates which were of exactly the same dimensions so as to avoid any suggestion of a lack of said impartiality on this blogger's part. Unfortunately, the image that this blogger - erroneously - posted proporting to be the Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain (maker of all those lovely oven chips, of course) was, it turns out, not Senator McCain at all but was, in fact, a head-shot of Satan.

So, to avoid any further confusion in this matter, this is Senator McCain.
And, this, is Satan.
As readers can see, they're clearly very different.

This blogger would like to humbly apologise to both Senator McCain and, indeed, to Satan, for any confusion caused by yesterday's erroneous captioning. We promise that it won't happen again.

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chas_m said...

I am glad I refrained from my habit of having a Guinness when reading your column on this particular occasion, as had I done so you would now owe me a new monitor.