Monday, August 18, 2008

I LOVE Rebecca Romero

Yeah, okay. Keith Telly Topping freely confesses, . any excuse to use this particular image.

But, it does have a serious point,dear blog reader (honest).

This blogger can barely get out of bed in the morning without being out of breath. This lady is an Olympic medal winner in not just one sport, but two. When Rebecca Romero found a back injury was threatening her (already highly successful) rowing career, she - quite literally - got on her bike and went looking for something else to be brilliant at.

You go girl. That is – and I don't get inspired by much these days - truly inspirational.

Keith Telly Topping now thoroughly regrets that he gave up riding a bike when he left school, not only might he have been a few stone lighter by now but, also, he might've won a few prizes as well.

So, for Becky, Bradley, Chris, Victoria, Nicole and all the other boys and girls on the bikes both in and out of the Velodrome my congratulations. You've made an old peddler regret his exceptionally misspent twenties.

PS: This blogger also loves Victoria Pendleton. Do we detect a theme emerging here, dear blog reader?

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