Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They Put On Women's Clothing, And Hang Around In Bars

So, how was Canada Keith Telly Topping, I hear you bellow, dear blog reader?

Pretty much as yer actual expected, frankly - very big, very dry, very clean, very friendly, but very cold. Bloody cold. I mean massively cold.

Oh, and full of lots of things with big nasty teeth too.



chas_m said...


Someone from the North saying that Canada is "bloody cold" sends a chill down my spine.

Or maybe that's the cold.

Y'see, me and the luvverly missus have just moved to Canada, albeit the nice sunny reasonably warm part (aka Victoria BC). Of course we choose to come here in the dead of pre-winter. They weren't expecting that!

We'll see you at Gally, I reckon. Sorry, I mean, "eh?"

Chas n Heather

chas_m said...

(best Catherine Tate impression a big chap can manage)

You dead or sumfin?