Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Everyday I Read The Book...

Okay boppers, here's the latest from the madcap, zany, wacky and outrageous world of publishing. The last two Book Club shows have featured the following reviews:
Show Six - 8 May
1. Karen Armstrong - The Great Transformation (Atlantic)
2. Harry Thompson - Penguins Stopped Play (John Murray)
3. Mandy Ambert - Geordie & The Spaceman (Author House)
4. David Nicholson-Lord - Planet Earth: The Making Of An Epic Series (BBC Books)
5. Nick Hornby - A Long Way Back (Penguin)
6. Guy de la Bédoyère - Roman Britain: A New History (Thames & Hudson)
7. Guy de la Bédoyère - Hadrian's Wall: History & Guide (Tempus Books)
8. May Quick Reads:
Hunter Davies - I Love Football (Headline)
Gareth Roberts - I Am A Dalek (BBC Books)
Danny Wallace - ... And The Centre Of The Universe (Ebury press)
Andy McNab - The Grey Man (Corgi)
Val McDermid - Cleanskin (Harper/Collins)

Show Seven - 5 June
1. Ray Banks - Saturdays' Child (Polygon)
2. Matt Weiland & Sean Wilsey (ed) - The Thinking Fan's Guide To The World Cup (Abacus)
3. Joe Boyd - White Bicycles: Making Music In The 1960s (Serpent's Tail)
4. David Mitchell - Black Swan Green (Sceptre)
5. Vic Reeves - Me: Moir (Virgin)
6. Sandra Perkins - A Very British Strike (McMillan)
7. That Wretched Little Communist Bill Oddie - An Introduction To Birdwatching (New Holland)

And, if you'd like to listen to the June show, it's available online:

Also received during May:
Linda Blandford - Sharpe Cut (Harper/Collins)
John Foot - Calcio: A History Of Italian Football (Fourth Estate)
Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade - Torn Apart: The Life Of Ian Curtis (Omnibus)
Emma Hartley - Fifty Facts You Need To Know: Europe (Icon)
Norman Dabell - One Hand On The Claret Jug (Mainstream)
Brian Cookson - Crossing The River (Mainstream)
John Farndon - Everything You Need To Know About Iran (Icon)
James Essinger - Spellbound (Robson Books)
Pelé: The Autobiography (Simon & Shuster)

As those of you who frequent the Ask Keith Topping message board may know, my mother had a very nasty accident earlier this week - tripped up on Wallsend High Street and bashed up her face, hands and knee pretty good. She's now home after a couple of days of hospital shenangians but, obviously, I'm a bit limited in terms of the amount of time I'm going to be online for the moment (shopping, fetching, carrying, visiting, et cetera). At least, until the World Cup starts, then I'll be online pretty much permenantly and she can fend for herself.

So, anyway, a big thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes. She's exceptional grateful if a bit befuddled by whom all of these people whom she's never met actually are.

Oh, and a quick reminder that Triquetra, my book on the TV show Charmed is now available from Telos publishing. Please buy one, several or lots as I really need the money.

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