Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Gaff (Slight Return), Or When I Paint My Masterpiece

The saga of the work going on in and around Stately Telly Topping Manor over the last few months has been a frustrating, stressful (if, occasionally, amusing) one. It started in February when, just ten days before this blogger was due to fly to Los Angeles for the Gallifret One convention, the builders decided that was when they were going to start rennovation work which had been off-and-on-and-off-and-on-again for the last six months. Champion.

This blogger, inevitably, expected some kind of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet-style shenanigans of cowboy builders, botched jobs and general sloppiness. However, he has to say that, apart from some decidedly slapdash plastering (the only bit done whilst Keith Telly Topping wasn't actuslly there to supervise them) the firm - Frank Haslman Ltd - have been pretty decent, sympathetic to my needs and professional in their approach.

Anyway, most of that is sorted now - there's still the front door to do (big job, apparently) and some external bashing about with scaffolding and bricks and roof tiles and cavity wall insulation and the like, apparently, but all of the inside is now sorted. Apart, of course, from a little bit of redecoration that I've got to do.

This here is My Gaff.

Now, I know it might look like shit but, actually, I'm quite proud of it.

Here's a couple of photos of the front room that will, in all likelihood, scare The Living Bejesus out of you.

Now that ninety per cent of the work on it is completed, I'm in the process of doing a spot of - very gradual - redecoration. I'm currently painting the kitchen (or, 'the scullery' for you older English people out there). I've never been a huge fan of painting but I must say I'm quite enjoying this - just doing a little bit more each day and gradually shifting stuff around as each bit gets completed. Here, for instance, is a section in the corner. With much of my glasswork put back in place after the paint had dried.

The colour, incidentally, is called "warm yellow". It looked a bit yucky when I first saw it in the shop but now I rather like it. I imagine in summer the light streaming through the window will reflect off it and blind me.


Deb W said...

Liking the yellow! liking it a lot .

Anna B. said...

I agree - the yellow is quite lovely. What colour goes in the front room (or does that stay white)? A nice sage-y green might offset your couch nicely.

James Swallow said...

What's the framed book cover on the wall in the first photo?

Keith Topping said...

It is, in fact, this one:

Good book, that. Local author, apparently.

I must admit, the yellow is really rather good up close. In the shop it looked a lot paler and more lemon-y but, on the wall it's got a very nice, well, "warm" quality to it. That's one thing you can't accused them over, misnaming the thing.